3D manipulation

WebGL, Thhree.JS

3D web project using WebGL, Three.js library, JS and mongoDB. The application is part of a research project of 2 PhD students in The University of Edinburgh.

My role was to develop a web app allowing simultaneous multiuser interaction with a geometrical object; a cube. Each user would be able to modify the geometry, and then the save the changes. The next user would then find the shape modified, and contribute by modifying it more, and so on. This research project is inspired by blockchain logic and opens the way for developing new digital tools for the designers in collaborative projects.

I worked based on an open source project of lucasmajerowicz on geometry manipulation. I workeds with WebGL (web 3D rendering) using the JavaScript 3D engine Three.js. I collaborated with a full stack JS engineer to build the back-end in mongoDB.

Demo App