AR experiences

Aframe/JS/AR.js development - Hololens

I work with Aframe, AR.js and Three.js for developing a range of POCs and demo applications providing AR experiences for various use cases. I have also developed in Unity for Hololens for educational purposes (STEM education).

Bellow is a Web AR demo for Cosmote stores in order to engage customers while shopping. The demo bellow provides information on offers through AR markers displayed in devices' screens. It also containes a game whereby the user collects virtual objects and participates in a lotery if all virtual objects are found

Something like pocemon go ;) The final version is currently developed in ARCore for Android and IOs having similar functionalities: Customers will be able to view information on personalized offers on their screens, and participate into AR games to win products.

Web AR Demo - offers

Web AR Demo -game

Playing and testing :)

Try yourself!

Scan the QRs to open the game web app. Then scan some of the markers bellow ... and enjoy :)

Web AR game