Part of my work is applied and hands-on research around subjects such as product research, immersive and interactive technologies, digital transformation and urban science. Listed bellow my contributions to research actions, conferences and projects..

Digital Transformation Analyst - IT Digitalization & Innovation team, Cosmote

Contribution to European Research and Innovation Actions as a consultant to research proposals relevant with interactive technologies, service design and e-governance.

• APSIS: Advancing public services to enhance social integration of migrants through Extended Reality technologies for the EU RIA call:
Transformative impact of disruptive technologies in public services
• IAPETUS: Multi-user InterActive Platform for virtual corporate Training
for the EU RIA call: ICT-­‐25-­‐2018-­‐2020: Interactive technologies

Contribution as a developer/designer to Internal research projects:
• Development of Voice Assistant using Rasa (ML) for commercial app -
visualization of voice data using React native and D3.js libraries.
• Integrating AR and ML technologies for internal IT systems -designing POCs.
• Data monetization methods for the Telco industry - (pending).

Designer/Research Associate - Plastiqhaus Design Studio

Margariti, E., Onabulu, T., ‘Decentralised Autonomous Housing’, Contribution to the Workshop ‘New Value Transactions: Understanding and Designing for Distributed Autonomous Organisations’ at DIS 2017: ‘Designing Interactive Systems: Space, Place, Interface’ International Conference. Published in Ubiquity journal of pervarsive media (2019). The paper is based on company's research on property-tech and innovative technologies such as VR and blockchain applied in the architectural industry. It is a case study on the potentials of blockchain technology to transform real estate procurement through eliminating intermediaries.

MSc(Dist)- University of Edinburgh

Margariti, E., Travlou, P., ‘Sharing within a city in crisis: Two ICTs-supported P2P economic networks in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece’. Proceedings of Hybrid City III Conference (2015), published in Int. J. of Electronic Governance (2017). The paper is based on my MSc dissertation in e-governance, digital platforms and community HCI. It is a case study on a P2P service exchange platform operating with digital currencies through observation and participatory interviews.
The purpose was to reflect potentials of sharing economy and platfrom economics within crisis in Greece.