Voice Assistant

React Native development, UX/UI design, SVG animations

The project is a POC in collaboration with Comsote Business Automation department and Athina Research Center. It is with the design and development of a voice assistant developed with RASA AI and Acapela text-to-speach integrated in the Cosmote mobile app. My role in the project was to assist in dialog design (UX) and design and develop the screens for the Voice assistant.

I worked with React Native components together with the engineer handling the sound data. Our initial proposal was to translate the soundwave into SVG paths movement in React native, but we came accross difficulties handling the quality of data. The final design was a round button and a pulse animation folowing the assistant responce.

I designed paths and elements in Ilustrator in order to export in SVG. I translated my designs in React Native and worked with components and states to achieve different types of animated experiences. You can find my code here.

Designing the VUI screen

VUI pulse animation with react native